Tuesday, January 25, 2011

7) Brussels with Kimchi (Making Vegetables Fun Again)

I) I like Brussels sprouts. They’re basically little cabbages. I think most people grow to hate them because a) their parents cooked them to death and b) they get no love from mainstream media. Well here it is, Brussels getting the attention they deserve.

II) Brussels Sprouts with Kimchi and Bacon (taken directly from the Momofuku Cookbook)


· 1 pound Brussels sprouts

· ¼ pound bacon, cut into lardons

· 1 cup kimchi

· 1 cup julienned carrot


I) Crisp the bacon in an oven safe pan. Reserve the bacon for topping. Halve the Brussels sprouts to the pan with the remaining bacon fat. Put the pan into a 400 degree oven and roast the sprouts until tender, about 15-20 minutes. Once done set aside.

II) Puree the kimchi into a smooth paste.

III) To serve, smear kimchi onto the bottom of the plate and top with a pile of the Brussels. Scatter the bacon and carrots on top of the sprouts. Serves 4

III) Results and Discussion:

I’m always looking for different ways to make Brussels sprouts interesting. Since Brussels are basically just small cabbages, adding the flavor of kimchi makes a lot of sense. Bacon goes great with everything so that’s a no brainer. Plus, David Chang, the chef/owner of the Momofuku restaurants, is a badass. This recipe is an easy and approachable entry to his cookbook.

IV) Sources:

Chang, David, and Peter Meehan. Momofuku. New York: Clarkson Potter, 2009. 94. Print.

V) Pictures!

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